11 Signs of One of the Most Deadly Cancers You Are Likely to Ignore

11. Malaise


Finally, a general feeling of malaise or unwellness should not be ignored. Pancreatic cancer almost always presents first with vague symptoms, and even though most of us hate to go to the doctor for nothing, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The more distinct your symptoms become, the less chance there is of treating cancer successfully. If you have been feeling low for a couple of weeks for no obvious reason, don’t hesitate to make the call and get yourself checked out.

Pancreatic cancer is truly one of the scariest forms of a very formidable disease. But we hope not to have scared you, but to have prepared you to notice when something is off in your body.

Any of the symptoms above may be brushed off when experienced alone, but if you have more than one, it’s worth a trip to the doctor.

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is the worst-case scenario, but it is more likely that something else is up – something that should probably also be treated early because you deserve to feel healthy.

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