11 Signs of One of the Most Deadly Cancers You Are Likely to Ignore

3. Unusual bodily waste

Another symptom of pancreatic cancer is dark brown urine and gray, greasy stools. Both are additional symptoms of jaundice caused by a tumor blocking bile production in the pancreas.

Bilirubin is the substance that typically gives feces its brown color, but when production is impacted by a tumor, it stays in the blood instead of passing out through the bowels.

As bilirubin levels in the blood increase, it comes out in urine instead, making pee a dark brown color. Poop that lacks bilirubin, on the other hand, becomes gray.

Dark urine can also be caused by dehydration, and changes in the color of fecal matter have a lot to do with what you’ve eaten recently. But if you notice dark pee and gray poop on a regular basis, it is a strong warning sign.

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