7 Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid If You Want to See Gains

4. Doing pull ups the wrong way

One big mistake you can make during this exercise is to let your shoulders roll forward and your chin go above the handle. What can happen here is a shoulder rotator injury, since there is too much strain on that area. Instead of that, you can put your chest forward and try to reach the handle with it. This will keep your shoulders back and give a nice curve to your back, while your chin stays at the level of the handle.

This exercise is quite popular and almost everyone, whether they train or not, knows about it. However, there are ways that you can mess it up and even cause injury. The most common mistake is keeping your arms too far from the rest of your body, which can cause stress to your muscles and joints. The best placement for your elbows is at a 45-degree angle from your torso.

Are you guilty of any of the mistakes mentioned above? Have you ever suffered an injury because you used the wrong technique?

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