7 Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid If You Want to See Gains

There are so many mistakes someone can make before, during, and after working out that it is hard to think you know everything. For example, some people forget to do a warm-up before exercising, something that could lead to injuries. Also, it is important to know what shoes to wear depending on which exercises you’re doing. The bottom line is that the gym is a place that you first have to study before you decide to join it.

We would like you to be aware of some common gym mistakes that a lot of people make that keep them from receiving the gains they would like.

1. Applying the wrong foot pressure for squats

While squatting, there are 3 points on your foot that you want to apply the most pressure to. It’s the point right before your big toe, the point right before your little toe, and your heel. If it’s hard for you to understand if you are applying the right pressure on these points, you can just take your shoes off. This will give you the ability to feel the pressure a lot easier, from the ground straight to your feet.

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